History of Amano Foods

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Naturally Premium

Since 1939, the Amano family name has stood for quality in naturally brewed, locally produced Japanese food products.

Drawing on three generations of Japanese brewing traditions, Amano Food’s products are carefully barrel aged up to a year, resulting in a superior traditional finish.

Servicing customers with a premium portfolio of tamari, miso and soy sauce products, we continually look to innovate to expand our offerings and deliver top-notch customer service.

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Amano’s Beginnings

Teiichi Amano immigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1919. He arrived at his new home with an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to bring new opportunities to the local communities. It all began when Mr. Amano partnered with his brother to launch the business, truly illustrating the family origins of our company’s legacy. While in their early years in Canada, the brothers quickly learned that there was a huge demand for quality Japanese food products. Although the company faced adversity at its infancy, it required the firm to adapt and evolve. In efforts to bring more brewing knowledge to the Canadian market, Teiichi Amano sent his eldest son to Japan in 1941 to learn how to make tamari and miso using traditional Japanese brewing methods. Upon his return, they started making tamari and miso in the basement of their store to serve the local populace.

The Legacy

Through their strong connections to both the Japanese Canadian and local communities, Amano Foods was born. The humble beginnings of supplying premium Japanese food products to the Greater Vancouver area has led the company to grow its reach across the country and internationally.

Today, the company continues to innovate and develop high-grade, artisanal Japanese food products. Amano Foods crafts its products at our Richmond facility, where the production of our premium Soya, Tamari, and Miso products takes place. Amano Foods remains in the hands of the Amano family, operated by the grandchildren of Mr. Amano.

Amano Foods maintains a proud heritage of providing unmatched quality and service. Just as the founder, Mr. Amano did for so many years, we look forward to being your primary source for the highest quality, locally produced Japanese food products.